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“Cantari della Guerra di Pisa by Antonio Pucci”, conference and presentation of the critical edition by Maria Bendinelli Predelli, McGill University

The Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal is pleased to present the critical edition of the “Cantari della Guerra di Pisa” curated by Maria Bendinelli Predelli (McGill University). Francesco D’Arelli, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, and Prof. Gabriele Giannini, Université de Montréal, present the work and discuss it with Maria Bendinelli Predelli, author and curator.

Wednesday, December 4th 2019, 6pm
Italian Cultural Institute
1200, Dr. Penfield ave., Montreal
Conference and presentation in Italian

The Battle of Cascina (July 28th 1364) was long preserved in the historical conscience of the Florentines as a striking victory against its rival: Pisa. “I Cantari della Guerra di Pisa“, composed in 1367, inaugurate the series of “historical” poems by Antonio Pucci and are probably the first example in which the form of the epic poem is used to sing events of contemporary history, almost as if they were heroic deeds of the rich tradition of chansons de geste.

Maria Bendinelli Predelli, graduated in Florence under the direction of Gianfranco Contini. After moving to Montreal, she directed the Section d’études italiennes of the Université de Montréal from 1976 to 1986 and from 1990 to 1999 the Department of Italian Studies of McGill University . Her research interests lead above all to the Italian chivalrous literature of the Low Middle Ages in its relations with the French antecedents, for example in the volumes Alle origini del “Bel Gherardino”, 1990; Cantari e dintorni, 1999; Gismirante and Madonna Leonessa di Antonio Pucci, 2013; La “Struzione della Tavola Ritonda”, 2015; La Guerra di Pisa di Antonio Pucci and, finally, Storie e cantari medievali, 2019.

She also dealt with the popular literature of the ‘900 by publishing the poem in octaves of a peasant from Lucca on his experience of emigration to the United States (Piccone e poesia, 1997). She organized numerous conferences, publishing the Acts (I Cantari. Struttura e tradizione, 1984; Firenze alla vigilia del Rinascimento. Antonio Pucci e i suoi contemporanei, 2006); she is currently part of the Editorial Board of the magazine Letteratura cavalleresca italiana. As President of the APIQ (Association of Italian Professors of Québec) she organized a conference in 2010 on the identity of young people of Italian origin in Montreal.

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