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Reading club dedicated to “The children’s train”, by Viola Ardone

Maria Eugenia Giochi presents and animates the reading club, in Italian, dedicated to “The children’s train”, by Viola Ardone.

February 3rd 2022, 6:30pm
Link Zoom

It was 1946 when Amerigo left his district of Naples and got on a train. Together with thousands of other southern children he will cross the entire peninsula and spend a few months in a northern family; an initiative of the Communist Party to rescue the little ones from misery after the last conflict. With the amazement of his seven years and the crafty air of a child in the alleys, Amerigo shows us an Italy that rises from the war as if we were seeing it for the first time. And he entrusts us with the moving story of a separation. That original pain which cannot be avoided, because there is no other way to grow.

Viola Ardone was born in Naples in 1974. After graduating in literature and working in publishing for a few years, she began teaching and still dedicates herself to teaching Italian and Latin. She collaborates with various publications, “The children’s train” (2019) is her third novel.

Maria Eugenia Giochi was born in Ancona, Italy. She studied at the University of Florence and Venice where she earned a Master’s in teaching Italian language and culture to foreigners. She is a language teacher and animator of reading groups of all genres, despite her blatant preference for thriller literature: on which she taught a course at the Institute.

The book in digital format, e-book, is available for free on the MLOL platform. To subscribe to the service, just send a request to, indicating name, surname and e-mail. To obtain it in paper format, please contact Librairie Michel Fortin and Renaud Bray.

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