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“Cesare Pavese, the enigma of a poet and a writer: 'Il Taccuino segreto' and other writings“ by Gabriella Bianco



“Cesare Pavese, the enigma of a poet and a writer: 'Il Taccuino segreto' and other writings“ by Gabriella Bianco

The Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal is pleased to present, as part of the webinar series dedicated to contemporary literature, the conference by Gabriella Bianco, "Cesare Pavese, the enigma of a poet and a writer: Il Taccuino segreto and other writings“.

Wednesday April 14,2021 3:00pm (9:00pm Rome)

Registration required

Seventy years after the death of Cesare Pavese in 1950 - the clamor aroused by the first article on the cultural pages of the newspaper "La Stampa" in 1990 is now far away - in August 2020 the edition of the Il Taccuino segreto, (1942 - 1943) by the Turin writer was presented in a volume. Edited by Francesca Belviso, accompanied by an introduction by the cultural historian Angelo d'Orsi, enriched by the testimony of Lorenzo Mondo, as well as by an essay by the same publisher, the edition allows this writing to be fully included in the intellectual biography of Pavese.The reconstruction of the genesis of the Il Taccuino segreto, written in one of the most tormented periods of Pavese's existential path, allows to contextualize this writing and offers a key to reading some of the most ideologically problematic fragments.Pavese's existential parable, up to this last extreme act, a veritable stoic gesture of nihilism, remains an example of wandering and research that prefigures the very essence of his existence.
What remains today, after so much clamor, of the voice of a poet who has permanently marked the Italian literary history? Pavese still remains today one of the most complex figures of Italian culture of the twentieth century.

Gabriella Bianco, independent scholar (UNESCO Réseau Internationale des femmes philosophies, Paris) she graduated from the University of Trieste in "Comparative Languages and Literatures", and has a specialization in "Linguistics and Semiotics" at the University of ‘Urbino.She also graduated in "Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy" at the same University of Urbino and completed her doctoral studies in "Philosophy, History and Education" at the University of Toronto (Canada), with a thesis on "Antonio Gramsci ”, graduating in" Théorie critique "and studying with Habermas, Gadamer, McLuhan, Northop Frye, Freire, Misgeld and Marcuse. Received the Fulbright Scholarship, earning a PhD in "Political Science and Political Philosophy" in the United States. With intense academic activity developed in different universities and various countries of the world - Australia, Canada, United States, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, among others, teaching "comparative literature" and holding educational seminars and political philosophy, directed the Cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy in various continents (Australia, Kenya, Argentina, Canada). Has published books, essays, novels on ethical, philosophical, poetic and literary themes and has written for theatre, contemporary music and cinema. Has been a member of the Accademia d'Italia since 2003 and an honorary member of the Union of European Artists and Writers (Rome) since 2007. She is an honorary citizen, for her artistic merits, of the city of Rio das Ostras (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) since 2007 and of the historic city of Cusco (Peru) since 2010, carrying out an intense activity in the field of culture and art . In 2018 she was named "International Cultural Personality of the Year" in Buenos Aires (Argentina).


Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Time: At 3:00 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal

Entrance : Free