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Work and Visa


Work and Visa

Student Work Visa

Upon arrival in Canada you have to have sufficient money to meet all expenses during the period of study, but in some situations, you will have the opportunity to work while studying.
It is not possible to undertake work without the necessary authorization, could lead to expulsion from Canada.

Working on Campus:

You may work without a Work Permit on the campus of the institution you are attending:

• If you are attending a full time University, college, CEGEP, technical or professional public institute or a private institute authorized by the province to issue diplomas;

• If you have a valid Student Visa.

Working outside Campus:

If you are a full – time student attending university in the province of Québec, you may apply for a Working Permit which allows you to work off campus with limited hours. The international student advisor at your institution will give you all the information regarding the program, the number of working hours allowed (20 hours per week) and the application process.

How can I participate?

To participate you must:

• Be a full-time student for at least one year (two consecutive semesters) at a public post-secondary institution and be enrolled full-time at this institution;

• Have a good profit;

• Apply for a working permit given by your institution;

• Have a valid student visa;
• Attach the proof of payment with your Working Permit application form

Note: You may not apply for a working Permit if:

• you are the recipient of a Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program;
• you are the recipient of a scholarship from the Government of Canada Awards Program sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Canadian;
• are funded by the Canadian International Development Agency.

Remember, a work permit authorizes you to work off-campus does not guarantee a job. It is your responsibility to find a job. Studies should remain the main reason for your stay in Canada, even if you work off campus.

Working Permit after graduating:

Some graduates may apply for work in Canada up to one year after graduation. Must meet the following requirements:

• If you are attending a full time University, college, CEGEP, technical or professional public institute or a private institute authorized by the province to issue diplomas;
• Apply for work permit within 90 days after graduation from college or university;
• Have a valid study permit when you are applying for the Work Permit.

Permission of internship:

To obtain permission for internship it is necessary to present the following documents:

• Request to amend the conditions of the stay, to extend stay or reside in Canada (IMM 1249);
• Check list (IMM5583);
• Photocopy of your Passport;
• Photocopy of your valid study permit
• Official letter of the university stating that the training is part of the curriculum.

Issuing of this type of work permit is free.


Working Permit:

Necessary Documents:

• The form signed and completed in each part (front and back) (on request, we can send the form by fax or mail);
• valid copy of the original passport;
• the form on family information signed and completed in each part in English or French;
• documentation proving your legal residence in the country of residence (Italy: Residence Permit);
• 2 photo;
• letter of the university / institution / company in whose service currently certifying professional qualifications and obtained leave to carry out the activities in Canada and Curriculum Vitae;
• Original letter of invitation university / institution / Canadian company with which the activities take place in detail concerning the duration of the stay, the position occupied;
• Proof of personal funds available for your stay in Canada and / or documentation about scholarships and / or salaries;
• copies of school diplomas or professional courses related to future activities in Canada;
• law office is not refundable. They do not accept personal checks, money orders, credit cards, U.S. dollars. [No application will be considered unless accompanied by payment of the relevant tax office];
• original certified criminal records of all countries (Judicial and Pending for Italy), where he resided for six (6) months or more, or the age of 18.

For further information please consult the website of the Canadian Embassy in Rome.


This program is managed by the Academic Affairs Section of the Embassy. For more information, please send an email to:

The international exchange programs allow students and young workers to work temporarily in another country to improve foreign language and deepen their knowledge of their cultures and societies. These programs also promote a mutual understanding between the two countries.
The Working Holiday Program between Canada and Italy allows young people between 18 and 35 years of age to combine periods of work and time off to travel and learn about their respective countries.

Who may apply?

To participate to this program, the candidates must be:
1. Italian Citizens who reside in Italy,
2. must be between 18 and 35 years of age.

How to apply?

To participate in the Working Holiday Program you must complete and send the application form by mail or in person from 9.00 to 17.00 at the following address:

Ambasciata del Canada
Programma Vacanze-Lavoro
Via Salaria 243
00199 Roma

The documents to be attached to the application form are as follows:

• The participation fee of € 88 paid by bank transfer only. Please include your payment receipt with the application.
• • A photocopy of the Italian passport page containing personal information. Do not send your passport.
• Two passport photos.
• The letter specifying your intention to apply for the "Working Holiday Program Canada - Italy" and that will enter Canada with:
- A round-trip ticket;
- Have at least 1,500 Canadian dollars as minimum amount for your support during the duration of the program;
- In possession of medical insurance coverage of any hospitalization and liability insurance for the duration of your stay.

For further information please consult the website of the Canadian Embassy in Rome.


Immigrating to Canada permanently is an exciting opportunity. However, there are several things you should consider before you apply to be a permanent resident.

For further information on this program colsult the internet site of the Canadian Government.