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Local media in Italian


Local media in Italian

Rai International is a worldwide television that broadcasts not only the best programs of Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana, but also original programs made for Italians abroad, for those families that have links in Italy and for those who are interested in this country.
Rai International offers 4 different programming schedules: Raitalia 1 reaches North America and Latin America, Raitalia 2 goes to Australia, Raitalia 3 to Asia and Africa, Raitalia 4 to Europe.

TLN Television is the first choice for Italians and Hispanics, providing unparalleled programming in Italian, Spanish and English to 11 million Canadians. Since its launch in 1984, TLN continues solidifying a reputation as the world's best ethno-cultural broadcaster by offering a variety of domestic and international programming from Europe and Latin America. TLN is the only Italian national television system of Canada.

Il Corriere italiano was founded by Alfredo Galgliardi in Montreal in the early 1950s.

Il Cittadino Canadese is a newspaper based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 1941, it is the oldest Italian Language newspaper of Quebec and Canada.
This weekly tabloid has a circulation of 18,000. It is published in Montréal and covers Greater Montreal.
Il Cittadino Canadese is distributed through more than 250 sales outlets spread all over the island of Montreal. The publication consists of an average of 32 pages and includes four yearly special editions − Bridal, Renovation, Christmas, and Easter. It is published every Monday and distributed every Tuesday.
Nina Giordano has been editor since January 2008.

Panoram Italia magazine was founded in 2002 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, by publisher Antonio Zara. It is currently published bimonthly with two distinct editions: one for the Greater Montreal and Ottawa Areas, and one for the Greater Toronto Area. Panoram Italia aims to unify Italian-Canadians and rekindle their connection to their Italian heritage, while also presenting the beauty and diversity of Italian culture to all Italophiles. The magazine not only puts a spotlight on outstanding Italian-Canadians and their contributions to Canadian society and the world, but also includes great information on Italian travel, food, fashion, wine, sports, entertainment, arts, culture, history, politics, life stories, and much more.
Panoram Italia magazine is distributed to 100,000 home and business addresses across Canada as well as hundreds of drop-off points (50,000 copies) free of charge. The reasoning behind this bold method is to simply disperse Panoram Italia's message to as many readers as possible and to guarantee that Italian and Italian-Canadian culture is widely available. Over the years, the magazine has become a staple in thousands of Italian-Canadian homes, and has truly become the voice of Canada's new and emerging Italians.


L’Ora di Ottawa was born at the end of 1968, conceived, designed and founded by the Neapolitans Mario Colonnese and Elio Coppola. At that time, following the great immigration of Italians in Canada after the war, there were Italian newspapers in Ottawa, very few came from Italy, leaving the new "Canadian" eager to Italian news, a piece of printed paper that spoke their language. And this was the reason why Mario Colonna and his son Elio Coppola founded l’Ora di Ottawa. It was named l’Ora di Ottawa since many years ago, the grandfather of Mario Colonnese at the time in Naples had a small newspaper called ''La Mezzora''. Once they decided to go ahead with the company, sought and found the members to strengthen the initiative. The first issue was November 18, 1968, with the first page, among other things, the good wishes of the Italian ambassador at the time, Alessandro Farace of Villaforesta. For the first time the paper was published twice a month and it was a tabloid, then became "broadsheet 'and weekly.Including various topics: news from Italy, Canadian news, news, community, culture, art, fashion , cinema and of course sports, particularly football.Due to various contest and weekly prizes for the winners, the subscibers enjoyed the newspaper L'Ora di Ottawa. The newspaper continues till today, although its purpose is different from the original.

Founded in 1982, the magazine LA VOCE targets Canadians of Italian origin and all those that are interested in the Italo-Canadian culture. LA VOCE is published every two months and it underlines the work and the commitment of entrepreneurs of Italian origin and their remarkable contribution to the development of Canada .

Accenti, since 2002, has been connecting readers who are passionate about Italian culture and all things Italian. Through its magazine, website, and digital editions, Accenti reaches readers across Canada, the United States and beyond. An independent voice, Accenti is dedicated to intelligent discourse through original content, and it continues to provide a platform for aspiring writers and photographers.

CFMB is a multilingual Canadian radio station located in Montreal, Quebec. The station has a multilingual format targeting ethnic minorities and broadcasts programming in 23 different languages.