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“Suite porpora: passionate dances between alleys and ruelles" - Vaughan String Quartet



“Suite porpora: passionate dances between alleys and ruelles

Italy is associated with the art of Bel Canto, while Brazil suggests the idea of elaborate dances and hypnotic rhythms.

The evening's program, composed of Italian and Brazilian music, overturns this stereotype, suggesting the rhythm of Italian music and the sweetness of South American melodies.

A journey between two immense musical traditions enriched by the experience of the musicians of the Vaughan String Quartet: an Italian-Brazilian-Canadian quartet.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 7:30pm
Free admission - RSVP
Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal
1200 Av. du Dr Penfield


  • the Quartet for strings by Nino Rota, light and evocative;
  • the Quarteto para cordas n. 6 by Beetholven Cunha in which the music of the north-eastern region of Brazil dissolves into multiple genres, between tradition and avant-garde, popular music and academia;
  • the danceable Porpora Suite by Davide Piero Runcini, inspired by the rhythms of southern Italy and a tribute by the composer to all women, to their strength as a source of life;
  • and finally the majestic Quartet in E minor by Giuseppe Verdi, in which the great opera composer translates the tradition of Italian melodrama into the elegant and intimate language of chamber music.


Date: Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Time: At 7:30 pm

Organized by : IIC Montréal

Entrance : Free

Maximum number of participants reached