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Francesca Melandri and Andrea Bajani, at the 24th edition of the Metropolis bleu Festival



Francesca Melandri and Andrea Bajani, at the 24th edition of the Metropolis bleu Festival

The Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal is proud to announce the presence of Francesca Melandri and Andrea Bajani, at the 24th edition of the Metropolis bleu Festival.

Andrea Bajani, thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal, she will participate in Montreal in events dedicated by the Festival Metropolis bleu to contemporary Italian literature, while Francesca Melandri will meet the public in a webinar animated by Dominique Garand.

Below, the program for the week of the Festival:

Sunday May 1st – 5:00pm
Italy and its history: meeting with the Italian writer Francesca Melandri
Meeting with the Italian writer Francesca Melandri, whose work, combining the intimate and the collective, questions the difficult integration of South Tyrol, the colonial past of fascist Italy and the years of lead, violent episodes still repressed in the Italy today.

Event in Italian and French language/ Free admission

Friday May 6th – 5:00pm
Hotel 10 (Salle Godin) 10 Sherbrooke West
Cérémonie d’ouverture et Blue Met talks: l’âge de la planète
Our age is experiencing upheavals in several respects. In terms of climate we would have entered the era of the Anthropocene, that is, that of a planet shaped above all by human intervention, some add for the worse. How old is our planet? Do ecology and the human species have a common future?

Event in English and French language Evento / $15 Ticket Office
Participants: Rosemary Sullivan, Oksana Lutshyshyna, Andrea Bajani, Yishaï Sarid, Carmen Rodrigues, Julián Fuks, David Diop - Animated by Marie-Andrée Lamontagne

Saturday May 7th – 12:30pm
Grande Bibliothèque du Québec (Auditorium) 475, boul. de Maisonneuve
Est, ouest, mittel, proche-orient: l’Europe de la littérature à l’ère des chars
What can anti-war literature do? What is the specificity of European literatures or of the European tradition?

Event in English and French/ $7 Ticket Office
Proceeds from ticket sales for this event will go to the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada - Montréal Section.
Participants: Andrea Bajani, Oksana Lutsyshyna, Santiago H. Amigorena, Yishaï Sarid, Andreï Kourkov - Animated by Stephan Bureau

Saturday May 7th – 4:00pm
Hotel 10 (Salle Godin) 10 Sherbrooke West
Babel Bleu
Writers around the world read excerpts from their books in their native language. In addition to these readings, there are those of the dedications written by five writers participating in the Festival for five writers imprisoned around the world. In collaboration with French-speaking Amnesty International Canada.

Event in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Ukrainian Arab and Gaelic / Free Admission
Participants: Andrea Bajani, Yishaï Sarid, Cecilia Fuentes, Fflur Dafydd, Julián Fuks, Sofiane Hadjadj, Carmen Rodriguez, Oksana Lutsyshyna

Saturday May 7th – 6:00pm
Hotel 10 (Salle Jardin) 10 Sherbrooke West
Andrea Bajani: des voies de passage
Who will say the complexity of family ties and silences between generations? Who will say the devastated spirit of the one who fought in Russia during the Second World War? Who will say the revolts, the ruptures, the escapes towards an Eastern Europe in full change? The Italian writer Andrea Bajani, novelist, essayist and journalist, has evoked all this in large and touching novels. With Tutte le famiglie, with Se consideri le colpe, establishing himself as one of the literary voices that matter, and his works, translated into several languages, have received various awards. In Mi riconosci he also mentions his friendship with Antonio Tabucchi. Many passages between worlds, eras and memories.

Event in Italian and French / $7 Ticket Office
Participants: Andrea Bajani, - Animated by Dominique Garand

Sunday May 8th – 5:30 pm
Hotel 10 (Salle Godin) 10 Sherbrooke West
Cerimonia di chiusura del Festival
Closing ceremony, over a drink, the last moments of this 24th edition of the Blue Metropolis Festival.
$15 Ticket Office

To find out more, visit the Festival website: 


Date: Da Thursday, April 28, 2022 a Sunday, May 08, 2022

Organized by : Festival Blue Metropolis

In collaboration with : IIC Montréal

Entrance : With fee