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From script to page! When words become images



From script to page! When words become images

In recent weeks we have shown you various preliminary aspects to the creation of a comic using the processing materials of the Dante trilogy created in collaboration with the publishing house Kleiner Flug. Today we show you where it all begins: the screenplay!

What is a script? In the field of comics and cinema, the screenplay is a document written by a professional, called a "scriptwriter", who puts the story on paper by scene indicating the characters, what they say, where they are and what happens.

In comics, the writer sometimes also indicates the structure of the page, or how the various cartoons, onomatopoeias and more are arranged in the space, however it also depends a lot on the interpretation that each professional makes of it.

In this case, we show you the first 5 pages written by Marco Rastrelli, author of the third and final volume of the trilogy and graphically transformed by Astrid Lucchesi.

The third and last volume, "La selva oscura", will talk about the period 1302-1307, the first years of Dante Alighieri's exile.

Legend of technical terms

FC: Fuori Campo
Double Spread: una doppia pagina piena
MB: Mezzo Busto
CL: Campo Lungo
CM: Campo Medio
PA: Piano Americano
FI: Figura Intera

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Date: Saturday, May 01, 2021

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montreal- Kleiner

Entrance : Free