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Character Study - Let's continue our behind-the-scenes comic book creative process!



Character Study - Let's continue our behind-the-scenes comic book creative process!

After showing you the transition, from the storyboard to the page, for the book "Primo de li miei amici", today we show you another crucial aspect of making a comic: the characters.

Usually, the designer of a story, before getting to the heart of the work, creates preliminary sketches of the characters that will act on the paper, immortalizing them in various poses and with different clothes so as to be able to study their reactions and acting on the page.

This preliminary step is particularly important in historical comics and where there are many protagonists.

Here you can see the sketches made by the author Genny Ferrari for the second volume of the trilogy, "Le fangose genti", written by Marco Cei, editor of the "Teatro tra le Nuvole" series.

The comic is played by real and well-known characters, all belonging to Dante's mythology, such as Corso Donati, Filippo Argenti and Bonifacio VIII.

What do you think?

"Le fangose genti" will tell us about the most studied and complex period of Dante Alighieri's life, which covers his activity in politics: from 1290, when he began to serve among the White Guelphs, entering the Art of Medici and Apothecaries, until 1302 when he is exiled, passing through his election as prior in the two-month period June 15-August 15

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Date: Monday, April 26, 2021

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal - Kleine

Entrance : Free