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“Dantedì”: friendship, politics and exile in a comic trilogy dedicated to Dante Alighieri (#IICMONTREALWEBINARSERIES)



“Dantedì”: friendship, politics and exile in a comic trilogy dedicated to Dante Alighieri (#IICMONTREALWEBINARSERIES)

The Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal and the Kleiner Flug publishing house are pleased to present, on the occasion of the celebrations of Dantedì and the VII Centenary of the death of Dante Alighieri (1321-2021), an editorial project dedicated to the Supreme Poet, main actor of three comic stories that are intertwined around three universal conditions of human life in a social context: friendship, politics and exile. A journey that is revealed in its entirety on March 25, the same day in 1300 in which Dante, according to a shared tradition of studies, seems to have begun his descent into Hell and therefore his journey that would have led him up to Paradise, passing through Purgatory.

The project is also the result of a lasting collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal and the Centre d'études médiévales of the Université de Montréal, McGill University and Concordia University, all united in celebrating the 7th Centenary of Dante Alighieri's death.

Thursday, March 25th 2021, 4pm (Montréal), 9pm (Rome)

Registration required

The trilogy, conceived and produced by the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal and Kleiner Flug, will run in three languages: Italian, French and English, precisely to ensure its widest dissemination. The first volume, entitled "Primo de li miei amici", is written by Alessio D’Uva and Filippo Rossi, while the drawings are from Angelica Regni. The second volume, entitled "Le fangose genti", is written by Marco Cei and drawn by Genny Ferrari. Finally, the third volume, entitled "La selva oscura", is written by Marco Rastrelli (with the collaboration of Elia Munaò), and illustrated by Astrid Lucchesi.

The webinar will be attended by Alessio D’Uva, Filippo Rossi and Elia Munaò, all from the Kleiner Flug publishing house, along with the designers Angelica Regni, Genny Ferrari and Astrid Lucchesi and the screenwriters Marco Cei and Marco Rastrelli. Presentations and introductions by Dario Brancato (Concordia University) and Francesco D’Arelli, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal.

Marco "Mordecai" Cei, was born in 1973 in Florence. He has always lived in Lastra a Signa, in the province of Florence, where he is active in various initiatives to promote the area. After a career in cinema, he converts to comics by attending the International School of Comics in Florence and as a screenwriter he collaborates with various publishing realities, such as Amianto Comics and Leviathan Labs. He has been collaborating with Kleiner Flug since 2016, as a screenwriter, editor of the “Teatro tra le Nuvole” series and translator. He performed together with Luca Lenci Tre atti, un preludio e un gran finale, with Lorenzo Bruni Macli, Sant’Allucio and with Gabriele Di Caro Giulio Cesare.

Alessio D’Uva, born in Florence in 1972, from an early age he decided to follow and indulge a bad company of friends dedicated to reading comics. Unfortunately, this thrills him and at the age of 20 he begins to collaborate with some of them for small publications. From there to a total compromise the step is short. He starts working for Blue (Coniglio Editore), then publishes on Black (Coconino). Not satisfied, he begins to lay out comics for anyone who asks him and discovers that he also has fun with the layout and graphics. Over the years he has collaborated with Bottero Edizioni, 001, BD, JPOP, Planeta, Bao Publishing, Tunuè, Panini and founded, together with some other fearless ones, the Cultural Association DOUbLe SHOt. After leaving the association activity, he became a teacher at the International School of Comics in Florence, a member of Symmaceo Communication and graphic coordinator with Lion. Having concluded this last experience, he creates Kleiner Flug, with the help of some friends who still believe in him. In 2018 he became Director of the International School of Comics in Florence.

Genny Ferrari was born in Volterra in 1991 and has cultivated a passion for comics, cinema, animation and theater for as long as she can remember. After attending the Liceo Classico and a year of Modern Literature in Pisa, she decided to attend the International School of Comics in Florence and then graduated in 2017 with full marks. She started working right away, collaborating with important realities such as Red Whale, Mojo Autoproduzioni and Attaccapanni Press. In 2019 she publishes her first graphic novel as the sole author: Cyrano, a comic adaptation of the famous comedy Cyrano de Bergerac written by Edmond Rostand for Kleiner Flug, in the series “Teatro tra le nuvole”.

Astrid Lucchesi was born in 1987 in Barga, Tuscany. Always passionate about art and illustration, she attended the Art School "A Passaglia" (Lucca) and subsequently the Comics School of Florence, finishing her studies in 2011. From there she began a career in the field of comics and illustrator, publishing with De Agostini Scuola. In 2014, Dante Alighieri, Amor mi mosse was released, with texts by Alessio D ’Uva and Filippo Rossi, her first collaboration with Kleiner Flug. She creates the illustrations for Freccia senza paura of La ruota edizioni, Segreti in Cantina in the series La famiglia Roccarolla for the cultural association Miniarock, for the album Grimorio, for Picasso rosso e blu for CrushED, online magazine, and for audio guides in the Basilica of San Luca in Bologna. In 2018 she publishes, with Kleiner Flug, La conversione di San Francesco, a graphic novel dedicated to the saint of Assisi for which she won the "Fede a strisce" award. She teaches Art and Comics to the little ones at the Marco Salotti Civic School and at the International School of Comics in Florence.

Marco Rastrelli was born in Florence in 1979. Despite his passion for comics, he understands, late as usual, that they could be his life. Armed with good will, he attended the scriptwriting course of the International School of Comics in 2007. He divides himself between the profession of editor (for comic magazines), proof reader, letterer and screenwriter. He has published for DOUbLe SHOt, BookMaker Comics, Coniglio Editore and Edizioni Arcadia and the western trilogy Le bestie di Black City, published on French soil for the Tabou Edition. For Kleiner Flug he produced, together with Lorenzo Nuti, the volume Giovanni dalle Bande Nere and, again together with Nuti, Horatio Nelson.

Angelica Regni, 1988, was born and lives in Follonica. She graduated from the art school of Grosseto and a few years later from the International School of Comics in Florence. She publishes for Kleiner Flug in 2015 Enrico IV, a comic adaptation of the famous play by Pirandello. She divides her activity as an illustrator and cartoonist, publishing for various publishers. In 2020 she takes part, for Kleiner Flug, in the volume Cantine a fumetti, an anthology created in collaboration with the Tuscan Wine Tourism Movement, which unites some of the most important wineries in the Tuscany Region.

Filippo Rossi was born in Siena in 1982. He attended the Classical Lyceum and the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, and then enrolled, in 2005, at the International School of Comics where he graduated with full marks in 2008. The same year he began to publish the fanzine Difuori, together with a group of cartoonists, with some of whom in 2012, he founded the association Disagio Production which deals with self-production and publication of web-comics. He carries out numerous workshops at the International School of Comics in Florence and within happenings and events related to culture and comics. Between 2010 and 2011 he is part of the R.A.R. (Anti-Racist Laughter), organized by COSPE, for which he holds a series of cartoon lessons in high schools in Siena, Grosseto and Florence, also participating in numerous events around Italy. The experience is repeated with the U-Care project that will begin at the end of 2013. He publishes as an author some strips for Cose che parlano. Dialoghi oggettivi (Double Shot, 2008) and as a screenwriter he participates in the publication of Dreams (Double Shot, 2010) and Dal Risorgimento alla Resistenza. Storie di Toscani che fecero l’Italia (Lucca Comics, 2011). Since 2013 he collaborates with Kleiner Flug.


Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021

Time: At 4:00 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal

In collaboration with : Kleiner Flug

Entrance : Free