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Dante Alighieri, a comic trilogy for the seventh centenary of his death



Dante Alighieri, a comic trilogy for the seventh centenary of his death

Last autumn the editorial staff of Kleiner Flug, a publishing house specialized in graphic novels centered on biographies of illustrious artists, historical characters and literary adaptations, was a guest of the Italian Cultural Institute in Montréal to tell the story of the publishing house, within the XX Week of the Italian Language in the World entitled "Italian between words and images: graffiti, illustrations, comics".

From that meeting the seeds of an ambitious and exciting project were born. The project, conceived, supported and promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal and by the publisher Kleiner Flug, is to tell about three of the great themes of the Supreme Poet: friendship, politics and exile, after having treated the subject of love in "Dante Alighieri, Amor mi mosse".

And today we present the first act of this trilogy, the volume "Primo de li miei amici", which will see the texts of the couple who baptized the previous Dante publication of the publishing house, the biography "Dante Alighieri, Amor mi mosse": Alessio D'Uva and Filippo Rossi, while at the drawings we will find Angelica Regni, author of “Enrico IV” for Kleiner Flug.

Not surprisingly, this story starts from “Amor mi mosse” and talks about the relationship between Dante Alighieri and his closest friend: Guido Cavalcanti.

The friendship between Dante Alighieri and Guido Cavalcanti starts in 1283. United by the conviction that only "kind hearts" (or noble hearts) can feel love and therefore, consequently, that love cannot find a home in vulgar hearts, they believe that love poetry should therefore only appeal to a select audience of gentiles. On this basis, they found the Stil Novo.

A very solid friendship based on lofty ideals that unfortunately deteriorates over time, precisely because of what had united them: love poetry. In fact, Guido has an irrational and physical vision of love, free from any spiritual influence. The exact opposite of Dante who, as we know, will make love the instrument of righteousness the fulcrum of his most famous work, the Divine Comedy.

On the side you can see the draft cover and the first pages, where the famous "vision of love" appears, mentioned in the verses of "A ciascun’alma presa e gentil core". Dante, following this "vision", wakes up in the middle of the night moved by the irrepressible desire to put on paper what he has seen ...

"Primo de li miei amici" will focus not only on the friendship between Dante and Guido Cavalcanti, but will deal in visual form with the many literary nuances of the sweet Stil Novo of the origins.

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Date: Da Monday, March 01, 2021 a Sunday, March 14, 2021

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal - Kleiner

Entrance : Free