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"Naples between culture and cult of the sphere: Diego Armando Maradona", round table with Claudio Antonelli, Massimo Cerulo, Marco Ciriello, Amleto de Silva, Daniela Fiorentino and Francesco Palmieri(#IICMONTREALWEBINARSERIES)



The Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal is pleased to present the round table dedicated to a contemporary cultural phenomenon and cult experience: "Naples between culture and cult of the sphere: Diego Armando Maradona". With C. Antonelli, M. Cerulo, M. Ciriello, A. de Silva, D. Fiorentino and F. Palmieri, some of the lively voices of the culture of Naples, because, after all, only those who lived directly the experience can testify the phenomenon that was Diego Armando Maradona, with all the imaginable contortions of the soul, of every Neapolitan and of the whole of Naples. Francesco Esposito and Francesco D’Arelli, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal, present and moderate the round table.

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020, 3:00 pm EST (9:00 pm, Rome)
Registration required

DiegoArmandoMaradona: must be pronounced all attached, without pauses for breathing and reflection”, as Prof. Massimo Cerulo recently wrote. Naples welcomed DiegoArmandoMaradona with the usual generosity, looked after him like a brilliant and reckless son and venerated him like the Neapolitan saint par excellence: San Gennaro. So much so that an old fan, without fear of being outrageously irreverent, once said: "You can't speak badly of Maradona, because it is as if you speak badly of God. And God is above everything"!

Claudio Antonelli, born in Pazin (Istria) and spent his youth in Naples, now lives in Montreal. He holds a degree in Law from the Federico II University of Naples and from the University of Montreal; a master’s degree in Librarianship from the University of Montreal and a PhD in Italian literature from McGill University in Montreal. Writer, journalist and refined observer of the inseparable links between the homeland and the identity of the individual, he has published articles, essays, books ... on expatriate communities, the uprooting, the exodus of the Giuliani, the prejudices on Italian emigrants, the myth America, the Italian language ... Among its numerous publications, the most noteworthy are: Espatrio, fedeltà, identità. Omaggio all’Istria e al Canada (Edarc, 2007), Pavese, Vittorini e gli americanisti. Il mito dell’America (Edarc, 2008), Elio Vittorini: sempre contemporaneo (Edarc, 2011), L’Italiano lingua “in tilt” (Edarc, 2014) e da ultimo Cari Italians… Le mie lettere a BSev (Edarc, 2017). In 2003, he received the title of “Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella della solidarietà italiana” from the President of the Italian Republic for having “carried out constant support over the years to the Italian language and culture of Québec”.

Massimo Cerulo is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Perugia (IT), and “Chercheur associé” of Sociology at the CERLIS Laboratory, University Paris V Descartes, Paris Sorbonne. He teaches “Sociology of Emotions” and “Sociology of Culture” in the Master degree of the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Perugia.

Marco Ciriello (1975) writer and journalist, writes for TV, cinema and theater, is the author of numerous books, including: Maradona è mio amico (66than2nd, 2018), Un Giorno di questi (Rubbettino, 2018) and I leggeri di Nairobi (Rubbettino, 2020).

Amleto de Silva, cartoonist on Cuore, Musica! on Repubblica, for 23 years on Smemoranda and recently a regular cartoonist on 7-Corriere della Sera. Winner of the Forte dei Marmi Satire Award. He has published, among other things: Statti attento da me (Roundmidnight, 2012), La nobile arte di misurarsi la palla (Roundmidnight, 2014), Stronzology, Gnoseologia della dipendenza dagli stronzi (LiberAria, 2014), Degenerati, il metodo Cyrano per salvarsi la vita (LiberAria, 2015), Il dizionario illustrato dei #giovanimerda (Magic Press, 2016), I nuovi Dieci Peggio (Magic Press, 2017), L’esemplare vicenda di Augusto Germano Poncarè (LiberAria, 2018). For the theater he is the author of the shows Quantunque io with Enrico Montesano and Amleto fa Cirano con l’Inglese, a theatrical reduction of the novel Non muore nessuno, by Sergio Claudio Perroni (Bompiani, 2009). He also curates several columns: Spoiler, dedicated to TV series, on TvZap (Gedi group); On Writing, on (Gedi Group); La lanterna di Amlo ('O Magazine); and collaborates with for films and TV series and with for satire.

Daniela Fiorentino actively dedicates herself to her eclectic career in music, theater, radio and stage performance. She participates in TV series, recording of albums and soundtracks in different styles and she’s part of the cast of the film Passione by John Turturro, which honors Neapolitan songs and singers. Neapolitan melody is a central element of her artistic journey, intimate or revisited, as in her concert with the 67 musicians of LaVerdi Orchestra in Milan and in her latest album French Girl. The most beautiful Neapolitan songs... in French! Daniela has won several awards for “Edith Piaf, lo spettacolo”, for her interpretation of the French singer and is awarded the prize “Naples in the world” for her activity as ambassador of Neapolitan culture abroad. In recent years, she has intensified her performances on North American stages, performing in English, Italian, Neapolitan and French.

Francesco Palmieri was born in Naples in 1962 and lives in Rome. Professional journalist since 1988, he has been a "crime news" reporter at the Giornale di Napoli and Paese Sera. In 1987 he was awarded Il Premiolino. He is currently Chief Editor at Agi (Italian Journalism Agency) with the supervision of international projects. He has published several non-fiction and fiction books including Sole, Luna e Talia – Magia e misteri a Napoli (Sen, 1984), Vite pericolose. Uomini e fantasmi delle arti marziali (Settimo Sigillo, 2009), Il libro napoletano dei morti (Mondadori, 2012), La camorrista (XS Mondadori, 2013), Le due porte (Ad est dell’equatore, 2015), Piccolo drago. La vita di Bruce Lee (Mondadori, 2017), L’incantevole sirena (Giunti, 2019). His stories have been published in the magazine "Nuovi Argomenti"


Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Time: At 3:00 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal

Entrance : Free