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In streaming four shows of the “Pippo Delbono Company”



In streaming four shows of the “Pippo Delbono Company”

In this difficult moment, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione  and the Pippo Delbono Company  took part in the #laculturanonsiferma program, a digital festival created by the Regione Emilia Romagna within the territorial Cultural Institutions.
From this initiative, the desire to stay close to the public in connection with the cancellation of several national and international tours, and by virtue of the fact that Pippo Delbono has renounced the copyright for such dissemination, the idea was born to develop a multilingual subtitling project that sees Questo buio feroce, Dopo la battaglia, Orchidee and Vangelo in free streaming.

The videos will remain online until September 30, 2020.

"Questo Buio Feroce" 

"I could never put on a show that is not contaminated by my life", wrote Antonin Artaud, the poet who was confined for many years in a psychiatric hospital. ''I don't see the point of leaving testimony in the hands or mouths of others''. This is in the introduction to the autobiographical book by Harold Brodkey, that I found on a shelf in a small book store in a town with no books, abandoned there, written in Italian, in an extraordinarily myesterious encounter. And in that book, in that journey, I found my journey, my story. The idea of death has been banned, aboveall in the west. Death remains as fear, loss, pain, rarely as a lucid and deep awareness of living. Pippo Delbono

"Dopo la Battaglia"

Dopo La Battaglia (After The Battle) is a composition that opens wide the doors of our existential darkness, in a continuous flow that pierces through the void it has unveiled. Through the rhythm of the music and the dance, finding in the words and poetical verses the harmony between language and emotion, we witness present pain transfigured into faith in the future. The performers in Delbono's company keep breaking through to the unexpected, in a sea of continuous metamorphosis, where salvation is only possible after the unavoidable shipwreck.


"I still can write of love", Dario Bellezza, a poet, great friend of Pier Paolo Pasolini, once wrote as AIDS was killing him. The orchid is the most beautiful flower and the most wicked as well, a friend once told me, because you cannot tell the real one from its fake. The same is true of this our time. In Orchidee, as in all my shows, there is an attempt to stop the time I'm living through. To stop my time and that of my company, the people who've been with me many years now, but also the time we all are living in - Italians, Europeans, citizens of the world. A time of confusion in which I, we, many of us, I believe, feel lost... Feeling like something has been lost. Forever. Maybe it is our faith, our political, revolutionary, human, spiritual faith. Pippo Delbono


Vangelo is a choral work, which began as a contemporary opera: it first took shape in Zagreb, performed by the orchestra, choir, dancers and actors at the Croatian National Theatre together with the acting company that has been working with Pippo Delbono for many years. Vangelo takes its cue from the atmospheres of Enzo Avitabile’s music. It is rich in poetic overtones but also markedly reveals the memories of its Croatian performers who lived through the traumatic events of a cruel war that has reshaped the history, places and boundaries of their native land. Boundaries that even during the creation of Vangelo were shaken by the arrival of ten thousand men, women and children desperately seeking a Promised Land.

Pippo Delbono has been experimenting on stage for many years now, exploring the fertile ground between public and personal, between autobiography and history, shaping works that stand out on the international scene for their originality. In recent years, his experimentation has developed into an unusual form of musical performance: an investigation into voice and words which has taken Delbono to meet musicians such as Enzo Avitabile, Alexander Balanescu, Petra Magoni, Antoine Bataille and Piero Corso. Together with these artists, he has created performances and concerts that tour in parallel to the Delbono group's repertory productions. His research delves into creation of a new personal language in cinema, and the commitment already revealed in his films (Amore Carne, Sangue, La Visite, Vangelo) can also be found in his more recent productions, Dopo la Battaglia, Orchidee and Vangelo, which are strongly influenced by this musical and cinematographic exploration More than a theatre group, Pippo Delbono's company is a wandering community that has been creating a new language for the stage and for life, or rather, for that inextricable knot between art and life that only a few have the courage to tackle. This group of artists, which includes Delbono himself, is made up of people who first and foremost share a similar nature, in continuous precariousness where loneliness and isolation are prominent, and who have gravitated towards the theatre for its great scope for sharing.



Date: Da Thursday, July 02, 2020 a Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Organized by : Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione - Compagnia Pippo

Entrance : Free