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TRECCANI: Maria Vittoria D’Onghia, "The (mis) fortune of being called positive. A linguistic reflection ", Lingua italiana Magazine (April 14th, 2020)



TRECCANI: Maria Vittoria D’Onghia,

M.V. D'Onghia, a researcher in linguistics, reflects from her home - transformed, as by everyone, "in our office, in our gym, in our paradise and in our hell" - on the condition of daily isolation and especially on the word positive: “Among the other words that, alongside these, dot the pages of the newspapers there is one of which intrigues by its dual nature. Positive. Positive case. Positive people. The adjective, declined in all ways, is usually accompanied by numbers which are, unfortunately, still high. Alongside death, it is the term that most afflicts us in the daily narration. Positive is for everyone synonymous of infected by SARS-CoV-2”. Continue reading>


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