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First season of "Italy tout court"!



First season of

Thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute, Le Petit Septième  is pleased to announce the first season of "Italy tout court!", a short film broadcast event.

On the occasion of the Montreal's Italian Week Festival, in August, five films will be screened on site, including the trilogy on the topic of immigration "3 Portraits of italomontrealesi of yesterday and today" made up of “Il fico/ Le figuier” by Paul Tana, “Giorni migliori/ Jours meilleurs” by Gianni Princigalli and “Il tempo di un caffè/ Le temps d’un café” by Roberto Zorfini. The trilogy will also be projected on Friday August 9 - 7pm at Casa d'Italia (505 Jean Talon St. Est) in the presence of some of the directors; a debate will take place right after, animated by Fannie Caron-Roy of Le Petit Septième.

Starting on September, on the first weekend of each month, a recently released short film will be broadcast free of charge on Le Petit Septième's site, in their original language with French and English subtitles. During the first season of "Italy tout court!", about twenty short films will be presented to the public. Over the following months, many renowned films presented at quite a few festivals will be broadcast on site. In particular, the public will be able to see "Sweetheart" (by Marco Spagnoli), "La bicicletta" (by Silvio Cantoro), "Magic Alps" (by Marco Scotuzzi et Andrea Brusa), "Ragù Noir" (by Alfredo Mazzara), "Conquista il mondo" (by Federico Del Buono) and a preview of "Quarume – mai arritornare indietro" (by Arturo M. Merelo). The event will end up with a twist on June 2020, in order to celebrate the Italian National Day.

For more information please visit the site.

The films screened are mostly not available in North America. "Italy tout court!" represent the occasion, for the Northern American public, to discover Italian contemporary films. Moreover, excerpts and reviews from the directors' interviews will be projected along with the films.

In order to make this event possible, LPS surronded itself with the best sponsors: Giracom, Le Canal Auditif, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Italian Week Festival, Ixion communications, Premiere Film and Les Spiritueux Iberville. Thanks to this last one, each month, one of the spectators will be awarded a bottle of Amermelade and savor a Spritz while watching one of our short films. Cheers!

Le Petit Septième’s mission is to highlight and make accessible the cinema that is different from the one produced in Hollywood: the author cinema, the independent cinema and the national cinemas of many countries. Its website presents bilingual film reviews of fiction and documentary movies, produced in Quebec and elsewhere. It also devotes special attention to short films, a type of production that is still little known to the public. Le Petit Septième covers many film festivals in Montreal and the province of Quebec, theatrical releases, as well as new films available online.


Date: Da Friday, May 01, 2020 a Sunday, May 10, 2020

Organized by : Petit Septième

In collaboration with : Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montreal

Entrance : Free