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ANTINOMIES: Marie Rebecchi, “Metamorphosis. A point of vi (s) ta", April 10th 2020



ANTINOMIES: Marie Rebecchi, “Metamorphosis. A point of vi (s) ta

Emanuele Coccia, one of the most disruptive young Italian philosophers and already a guest of the Italian Cultural Institute of Montréal at the end of October 2019, comes out with another work: Métamorphoses (Paris 2020). After three other books - La vita sensibile (ed. it. 2011), Il bene nelle cose. La pubblicità come discorso morale (ed. it. 2014) e La vita delle piante. Metafisica della mescolanza (ed. it. 2018) –, he continues his thought to consider the inscrutable mystery of life. Marie Rebecchi, PhD in Aesthetics, illuminates in her review a path, among many others, that leads to the cave, to the womb of the Earth, mother of all life.

"The life of every living thing does not begin with its own birth". Thus begin - Rebecchi writes - the Métamorphoses (Metamorphosis) by Emanuele Coccia, published in French for the Rivages publisher in the days of the beginning of the confinement in France due to the health crisis. A treatise on being born as a metamorphosis, on the conception of the planet Earth by all living things. An essay on the present, and prehistoric time of a pregnancy hosted by a constantly changing earthly body. An ageless body, that of a mother who goes through a phase of life beyond the principles of old age and youth. A body that hatches the pre-personal and pre-individual nucleus, very intimate and universal, of metamorphosis as the birth of all births, past and future. A body of everyone and nobody that becomes a free zone, a channel of passage from one life to another through a fluid movement that modifies "the mother, the child, the human species and also the planet". Continue reading>


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